Student Questionnaire

Help us get to know you better so that we can help you better.

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Time Management
Do you make a detailed schedule for each semester, month or week? *
Do you stick to it? *
Do you allow time for exercise and socializing with friends? *
Do you get at least 6 hours of sleep each night? *
Do you study at least 2 hours for every hour in class? *
Do you get your assignments done on time? *
Do you regularly study at the same time? *
Do you have an area where you always go to study? *
Is your study area free of noise and distractions? *
Can you study for at least a half hour without getting up, walking about, taking snack or TV or phone breaks? *
Do you study for each class every day? *
Do you start reviewing for major exams at least 3 days in advance? *
Do you know what kind of tests you will take, i.e., essay, multiple choice, and how to prepare for different types of tests? *
Can you predict what types of questions will be on the test? *
Are you able to finish your tests in the allowed period of time? *
If you do not do well on a test, do you review it with the instructor and/or analyze it to see where you had problems? *
Are you able to take notes in class, keep up with the instructor, and understand the concepts at the same time? *
Do you review your notes after each class, preferably right after class? *
Do you know what is the “important stuff” to write down and what are the cues that this is important stuff? *
In addition to highlighting, do you make notes as you read class materials? *
Can you put class notes or notes from texts into your own words? *
Can you read and learn at the rate of 12-15 pages per hour for history-type material? *
Do you keep up with the readings for all your classes and have the material read before the lecture? *
Can you concentrate and understand the material you read without re-reading a second or third time? *
When reading a text, do you read the headings and chapter outlines first? *
Do you do your study-reading during the time of day when you are most alert? *
Are you comfortable with your command of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling? *
Do you have a clear idea of what the instructor requires for a writing assignment? *
Do you make an outline of your paper, starting with the thesis statement and outlining how the subsequent paragraphs will support your thesis? *
Do you start your research in time to complete it and write your paper without pulling an all-nighter just before the paper is due? *
Are you able to communicate effectively in writing? *
Do you have a good command of the prerequisite skills for the math class in which you are enrolled? *
Do you always do your homework assignments and work the problems before looking at the solutions? *
Do you participate in class and ask questions when you don’t understand a concept? *
Can you explain to another student how to solve all the problems on a math test? *
Do you have enough time after taking your tests to review for calculation errors and “stupid” mistakes like misplaced + or – signs? *
As a student, I am currently putting forth my very best effort.
I believe that I can do better in one or more classes with the right tutor.
I believe tutoring will not be helpful - I just need to try harder.
Hiring a tutor will give me an unfair advantage over my peers.
My homework/classwork scores are awesome, but my test scores suck.
My test scores are high, but I often forget to do or turn-in my homework.
I would have a better grade in a class if my teacher wasn't so terrible and/or unfair.
My parent(s) have unrealistic academic expectations of me.
I feel that I have the full support of my parent(s) when it comes to my academic performance.